Batemans are a great brewery to work with

We’re renowned in the brewing industry for our unwavering commitment to fairness and transparency. Notably, we were the first brewery to have our own accredited code of practice – a standard considered the best in the business.

We are true to our word – when we make promises, we stand by them, making us a great brewery to be in business with. We’re dedicated to nurturing your success through our steadfast service, unwavering support, and innovative ideas – we empower pubs to flourish. Our ethos is centred on ‘Good Honest Pubs Run by Good, Honest People’. This sentiment was established by Harry Bateman back in 1953 and resonates deeply within our brewery; he said “In your business, don’t ever lose the human touch with your staff and tenants.”

Batemans is an established family business spanning four generations. The shares are safeguarded within the family, a testament to our commitment to securing the business’s enduring legacy and values for future generations, staff, publicans and customers.

Stuart Bateman says, “Our family, is proud to own this business. We are unwavering in our focus on the brewery, pubs, Business Owners, publicans, and staff thriving for years to come. Our decisions are forged for the collective good in the immediate and distant future; we are not driven by short-term gains at the expense of the long-term plan. We aspire to provide future generations of publicans, customers, staff, and our family the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and be part of what takes us forward as a business.”

Long Service Awards - Batemans Brewery


The success of our pubs relies on the expertise, professionalism and hard work of the people who run and own our pub businesses. So, it’s up to us to support each and every one in maximising the potential of their business.

We provide expert training, marketing tools, legal assistance, subsidised purchasing and much more. And we have a track record for successful capital investment programmes.



We have a diverse estate, from cosy community pubs to high-street beer houses and charming foodie establishments with accommodation. Our pubs span seven counties – Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Humberside, and Yorkshire- and cater for different preferences. Whether you seek a bustling town beer house or a picturesque country inn, you’ll be greeted with the famous Batemans’ welcome. Batemans pubs are the heart and soul of their communities: great beer, great food and great people.

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We are seeking prospective pub Business Owners who are entrepreneurial and show a flare for giving customers the best possible experience.



We see working alongside publicans who share our passion for Good, Honest Pubs as a privilege. And it’s our job to support and reward their endeavour.