Christmas isn’t Christmas without Santa’s Red Nose

Now the clocks have gone back we’re giving ourselves permission to start looking forward to Christmas and the familiar yuletide (beer) treat that is Rosey Nosey. Heralded by its iconic flashing nosed pump clip and described by noted beer writer, Roger Protz as, “…a rich, luscious, and warming ale ideal for winter.” It’ll be available to order from early November.

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A Classic Holiday Ale
Our Head Brewer, Scott, describes Rosey Nosey as having, “A brilliant bright bronze colour with a rich aroma, ripe with pear and Christmas cake fruits, balanced by biscuit malt and tangy hop resins that end in a dry, mineral finish.  It’s a medium bodied beer with a lively carbonation, which is what we think makes it one of the UKs classic holiday ales.”

Where Can You Get Rosey Nosey?
In an attempt to make it ‘When’ you can get it rather than ‘If’, we have made it available in more options this year.

  • It’s available from Batemans pubs across Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. And this year national listings are back so you’ll find it in many branded pubs across the country. You can always find your nearest Batemans hostelry using our Pub Finder.
  • Available at selected Morrisons nationwide or if you’re lucky enough to live in Lincolnshire, you can get Rosey Nosey in bottles from most branches of Lincolnshire Co-op and Morrisons.
  • If neither of those options work for you then you can order bottles from our online shop, Home Delivery or Click & Collect.

Christmas stocking advice
Now, such is the popularity of this seasonal brew that our online shop has sold out of bottled Rosey Nosey pretty much every year since we can remember. So, if you’re thinking of Christmas stocking this seasonal gem here are three bits of advice for online shoppers.

  1. Order early. We know what you’re thinking, but yes we would say that, because in this case the evidence shows early ordering to be the best way guarantee delivery.
  2. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page (and the shop pages). When Rosey Nosey comes close to going out of stock, this year we will, as we said at the top of this story, be getting extra supplies and we’ll announce when that’s available on Facebook.
  3. Order an alternative Batemans brew, make a note on the order that you’d have really liked Rosey Nosey, and next year you’ll be top of our list as we’ll be starting a pre order list this year to make sure Batemans beer fans get first dibs on our seasonal specials.


Why go to all that trouble?
Well…Mr Protz went on in the review we mentioned above to give it ‘4 stars’. Which, just for the record, was out of 4. Which is probably part of the reason it flies off the shelves every November and December. On top of the Protz 100% rating, Beer Advocate gives it 83/100.

If you’re looking for something different to complement your culinary Christmas celebrations then the Food Loves Beer blog suggests you, ‘…pair it with a beef rib roast, a spicy vegetable curry or any sharp cheese. All of which are complimented by Rosey Nosey’s rich malty character.’

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