New brewing equipment arrived at the brewery on 30th April and needed to be lifted into place.

A large crane was brought in to install the new Hot Liquor Tank and the two new chiller units.

The Hot Liquor Tank will replace two old tanks that have reached the end of their lifespan, offering greater efficiency that should reduce our water usage and improve the brewhouse’s energy consumption.

Buster Grant, Head Brewer, said, “The existing chiller unit had reached the end of its useful life and is being replaced by a new Parker Hiross ICE unit. This unit is significantly more energy-efficient and capable of producing much cooler temperatures in the brewhouse, improving efficiency and providing greater stability to the finished beers.”

The second unit is a Free Cooler, which uses ambient temperature to chill the coolant as it returns from the brewhouse to the wells. It consumes much less power than the ICE unit and will be sufficient for cooling the brewhouse during the winter months, saving significant electricity.

Stuart Bateman also commented, “With our focus on ensuring the best possible quality of our beer, this refrigeration plant will help further with our conditioning and maturation.”

In summary, these three pieces of equipment will improve brewhouse efficiency, beer quality and stability, energy efficiency, fuel usage, and water usage—a very worthwhile investment.