“CL” is the Roman numeral for 150, making it a fitting name for a beer celebrating 150 years of brewing. CL is crafted from a recipe inspired by letters written by George Bateman in the 1890s, as chronicled by Adam Cartwright. These letters detail some of the ingredients and processes used at Batemans during that era.

We began with Chevalier malt, the original super-premium malt, akin to the Maris Otter of the Victorian era, and added chit malt and a touch of brown malt. The bitterness comes from Fuggles hops, while the aroma is derived from the classic English combination of more Fuggles and Goldings. Although other hop varieties were used at the time, these choices best replicate the Batemans beers enjoyed at the turn of the last century. Expect a full-bodied malt character with hints of tawny orange marmalade, a delicate grassy, floral aroma, and notes of spice and honey in the flavour.

Stuart Bateman, Managing Director, said, “We are really pleased that the main focus of our 150th anniversary celebrations is on beers; Five Generations (5G) and now CL, which represents our 150 years in Roman numerals.”

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