Own your own pub business with an investment of £8,000

Our pub Business Owners, operating under a Profit Partnership Plus Agreement, understand that our collaboration is founded on “Good Honest Pubs, Run by Good Honest People.” We prioritise fairness and transparency, avoiding complex industry terminology and offering clear, award-winning business support.

Under a Profit Partnership Plus Agreement, you pay a deposit known as the ‘Profit Partnership Investment’ to run the business on a self-employed basis, with our guidance. This arrangement includes paying an agreed rent and purchasing drinks from us at Free Trade ‘cash and carry’ rates. When you decide to leave the business, within the agreement’s terms, you can return the business to us, and we will reimburse your Profit Partnership Investment after considering inventory depreciation.

Agreement benefits:

  • Buy a business at a very low cost
  • Receive FREE training
  • FREE utility broker and joint buying service
  • Great private living accommodation for you and your family
  • Reduced rent, with no rent reviews
  • Security of tenure
  • ‘Rewarding Success’ standards initiative
  • Business and marketing support from Batemans

Agreement features:

  • Own a Batemans pub business and take all the retail profit
  • Have no obligation for structural repairs
  • Highly discounted drinks supply through Batemans
  • Purchasing agreement for all drinks
  • You retain a 50% share of the profits from fruit/gaming machines
  • You have security of tenure with the option to renew every three years


Talk to our friendly team and find out more about the options available to own your own Batemans pub.


Own a Batemans pub business without the burden of purchasing the building and with none of the risk attached to traditional leases or freeholds. With our agreements, instead of buying the fixtures and fittings (the inventory), which is common throughout the industry’s outdated tenancy terms, you make an investment to us, which is proportional to the potential profit of the pub.

Pub - Pulling Beer - Batemans Brewery


You pay a subsidised rate to buy the business without the burden of owning the building. The rent you pay to Batemans helps contribute towards the building repairs and maintenance which the brewery is responsible for and your private living accommodation. Crucially, there are NO RENT REVIEWS. Any rent adjustments align with the annual inflation rate (Retail Price Index), ensuring any increase is capped.



This agreement offers security of tenure with you having the option to give notice to leave 6 months prior to a triennial anniversary.

The agreement is subject to the Landlord and Tenant Act (1954). It adheres to Batemans’ Eyes Wide Open policy manual, outlining the Business Owner and brewery responsibilities and terms. Our agreements comply with the industry’s Tenanted Code of Practice (1-500 pubs).

You’ll benefit from access to highly-discounted drinks from Batemans. Your purchasing agreement covers all drinks and gives you access to favourable rates and a range of quality drinks for your pub.

As a Batemans Pub Business Owner, you’ll receive comprehensive support for business development, including a single point of contact for cellar services and regular calls from our Profit Partnership Team, offering practical guidance.

We offer a support package designed to help you thrive and succeed, including:

  • ‘Rewarding Success’ standards initiative
  • Access to rating advice and appeal service
  • Free regulations and employment law advice
  • Bespoke marketing fund tailored to each pub
  • Digital marketing support
  • Menu and poster printing service
  • Beer festival assistance and planning

You’ll receive FREE training, including:

  • Cellar management
  • Customer service
  • Licensing
  • Finance
  • Drugs control
  • Stock control
  • Employment law
  • Control of energy costs


The Batemans Profit Partnership Plus Agreement is a great opportunity to run a pub business as a self-employed operator. It is best suited to individuals with an entrepreneurial approach and who are keen to develop their own pub business.

While prior experience in retail, business, or pubs is beneficial, Batemans provides training to equip individuals without the expertise for success. What matters most is your passion for the business venture!

You are purchasing the business, or the ‘goodwill’, without the burden of buying the building in this agreement – the bricks and mortar belong to Batemans Brewery, and we are responsible for all structural repairs. In essence, the Profit Partnership Plus Agreement takes all the good things about a lease and removes the bad stuff, such as full repairing liabilities and not being able to leave should you wish to – that’s what makes it unique!

Batemans Brewery is responsible for all repairs to the structure of the property. We are also responsible for external decorations.

You will be responsible for the upkeep and repair of the fixtures and fittings which you have not had to purchase. When you decide to leave the business, within the agreement’s terms, we will reimburse your Profit Partnership Investment after considering inventory depreciation. We are open to conversations about capital investment to help the pub and business and how we can both improve our income.

Yes. Batemans supplies all your drinks at highly competitive Free Trade ‘cash and carry’ rates, allowing us to subsidise the business’s purchase price and rent. We stock over 1,500 products, supply drinks at discounted prices and we cap price increases.

Guest ales
In addition to Batemans cask ales, we can supply a range of guest and craft keg beers.

Retrospective discount arrangement
We may agree with each Business Owner a realistic volume of drinks that could be sold each year, and we will pay a bonus of an additional £50 per composite barrel over and above the target. The composite barrelage calculation is made up of;

  • Draught beer, lager, stout, cider, 36 gallons, 165.56 litres
  • Wines, 14.5 gallons, 66 litres
  • Spirits, 5.25 gallons, 23.8 litres
  • Soft Drinks, 24 gallons, 108 litres